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          A tooth implant is held in the jaw bone like a natural tooth root. Look at the diagram above and compare the implant to the natural tooth root. However, the dental implant is made out of titanium metal and the natural tooth root is made out of dentin with a coating on its outside called cementum.

          The post connects precisely to the top of the tooth implant. This post is screwed into the top of the dental implant . A dental crown can be made to fit precisely onto the post. Most patients prefer natural looking porcelain fused to gold crowns so that the crown blends into the mouth.

          The gums around the tooth implant hug the top of the dental implant. The top of the dental implant is highly polished so that the gums can grow tightly to the polished surface and seal out food and debri. The jaw bone around the tooth implant holds it firmly in the mouth. The pressure from chewing on the crown is transmitted to the underlying bone and helps keep this bone healthy. Bone needs stimulation or melts away.

         In this diagram there is an dental crown placed on top of a tooth implant post. This closely resembles the way nature intended teeth to function. Some patients prefer to attach a bar to several dental implants so that a denture can firmly clip to the bar. This is less expensive and for many patients, helps correct their loose denture problem. The implant shown above is called a root form, however, a blade/plate form is available.

          If you are interested in a tooth implant and would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Padolsky, then call 404-874-7428 for an appointment.

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