Autogenous Bone Grafting

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          The word autogenous comes from two parts. The word beginning ( prefix ) auto- and the word ending ( suffix ) -genous. Auto- comes from the Greek word autos which means self. -genous comes from the Greek, genos, meaning birth. So autogenous means born from self. There is a Greek word Autogenes which means self produced.

          With dental implants, the word autogenous is usually used in bone grafting. It means that autogenous bone grafting material used to repair a defect came from the same patient that was receiving the bone graft. Basically, the implant dentist takes some bone from one area of the body and transfers it to another area of the same patient's body.

          The bone grafting material can come from another person, from an animal, or from other nonliving sources. However, a bone graft is from the same person and contains living bone cells that can go to work making bone right away whereas all other grafting materials do not contain living bone cells. With bone grafts that are not autogenous bone grafts, the bone cells must migrate into the nonliving bone graft material and this migration is an extra step that can often be avoided.

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