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          You should always be wary of an offer of a cheap dental implant. Dental implants are made from an expensive metal and are precisely engineered. Dental implant surgery is a time consuming process that takes a great deal of training. Most insurance companies do not cover the cost of a dental implant. Unfortunately, because dental implants are so expensive many patients spend a great deal of time trying to find implants as cheap as possible which may result in getting less than optimal dental care.

         Instead of looking for a cheap dental implant it's best to look for affordable dental implants. Many patients would rather go with a cheaper dental restoration option like a dental bridge but over the years problems associated with this option can become expensive. In the long run dental implants can actually be cheaper and they are definitely better for your health. So consider the cost of a dental implant an investment in your future. Not just an investment in your future health but in your future wallet.

         There is a cheap dental implant that can be used for implant supported dentures. A mini dental implant is a type of dental implant used for dentures that is significantly cheaper than a regular implant. The main reason it is so much cheaper is because implant surgery for a mini implant is much easier than surgery for regular implants. Unfortunately, they are only practical for implant dentures because their design does not work well for single tooth implants in the long term. In the search for cheap implant many people may try to get a mini implant for a single tooth but may end up paying for it in the long run.

          The best thing to do if you are interested in learning more about a cheap dental implant feel free to schedule a dental implant consultation with our implant dentist. This helps estimate your particular situation and what is needed to help you restore your teeth and smile. After a personal treatment plan is made, you can then plan the dental implant inancing of your reconstruction since you know what the dental implant cost will be. If you are interested in dental implants and would like to schedule a free dental implant consultation with Atlanta Implant Dentist, Dr. Mark Padolsky, call 404-874-7428 for your appointment. home page

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