Bone Expansion for dental implants

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          Many people, including some doctors, incorrectly believe that bone is hard and unbendable. Perhaps this false idea comes from studying dried skeletons. However, living bone is much softer than dried bone. Living bone can be stretched open. This stretching is called bone expansion.

Bone Expansion Rationale

          After an area of bone has had bone expansion, the bone expansion area is much larger than it was before the bone expansion. The bone expansion allows for larger dental implants to be inserted into the bone. Larger implants have a greater surface area to bond to the bone and so have a better long term prognosis. The primary purpose of bone expansion is to allow a larger dental implant to be placed into the recepient area where the bone expansion was successfully performed.

          Bone expansion is most often performed in the front of the upper jaw to assist with replacing incisors. However, bone expansion can be done in selected areas anywhere in the mouth.

Bone Expansion Procedure

          A small hole is first drilled though the center of the area of the bone to be expanded. Then a series of bone expansion tools are tapped into the hole. As the bone expansion tools get progressively larger, the hole in the bone gets progressively larger and the walls expand. The hole created by the bone expansion can then be filled with bone or an implant can be immediately inserted into the hole. Bone expansion expands or widens the walls of the bone.

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