Bone loss around dental implants

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          Jaw bone supports a dental implant and the dental work connected on top of the dental implant. This bone must remain healthy after the dental implant is placed for the dental implant to last. Unfortunately, the bone surrounding a dental implant is sometimes lost.

          There are several reasons for bone loss around a dental implant. If a dental implant patient does not keep the gums surrounding a dental implant clean, the gums can become inflamed. This inflammation can extend into the supporting bone and endanger the dental implant. If a dental implant is overloaded, this can cause loss of the bone surrounding the dental implant. In most cases, the bone loss starts at the top of the bone ( crest ) and progresses around the dental implant to form a saucer type defect.

          In many cases bone loss around a dental implant can be treated with bone grafting after the original reason for the bone loss is successfully treated by yor implant dentist. The dental work on top of the dental implant is removed to give the dental implant a rest and the gum tissue is carefully treated to restore its health. The same dental work can often be replaced but in some cases, new dental work must be made.

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