Dental Implant Complications

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Some Dental Implant Complications

          Fortunately, most patients do not have many dental implant complications. However, problems do sometimes occur. Some are listed below.

Complication #1 - Dental implant infection

          The bone and gums surrounding a dental implant can get infected and cause a dental implant complication. This is most likely to happen when the dental implant is first placed into your jaw. The human mouth is a cesspool and even with the greatest care to avoid contamination, the tissues around a newly inserted dental implant can become infected.

Complication #2 - Dental implant rejection

           Your body does not want anything in it that is not you. A possible dental implant complication is when the body pushes a dental implant out because the dental implant is viewed as a foreign body. Rejection sometimes occurs with other surgeries such as a kidney or liver transplant.

Complication #3 - Dental Implant overload

           Until the bone heals around a dental implant, the biting pressures should be reduced to protect the supporting bone while it builds up. Placing two or three teeth on one implant can cause overload, also. Nature designed teeth to have on tooth root for one crown. The same rule should apply for dental implants.

Complication #4 - Dental implant failure

           Dental implants are made of metal, usually titanium. Metal can bend and break. A dental implant complication is having the metal fixtures coming out of a dental implant break. This is less common than years ago because dental implants are designed and manufactured with more detail nowadays. However, there are occasions where a dental implant removal is necessary.

Complication #5 - Dental implant bone loss

          A patient can have bone loss around a natural tooth. This is called periodontal disease. A dental implant complication can be bone loss around the dental implant. However, even with severe bone loss a dental implant can remain immobile. That's why it is important to have regular dental x-rays taken of implants to monitor the surrounding bone.

Complication #6 - Dental implant inflammation

          The bone and gums around a dental implant can become inflamed for many different reasons. Inflammation is can be a dental implant complication.

Complication #7 - Dental implant incision line opening

          This is only a partial list of possible problems. To avoid complications and possibly implant removal, you should visit your dental implant dentist on a regular basis. Most can be easily managed when they are found early and before they get out of control.

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