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          Having a dental implant consultation is always a good idea. This helps the patient and dentist communicate well right from the beginning of their relationship. The purposes are to:

          Clarify what the dental implant patient really wants
          Determine what can be done for the dental implant patient based upon the dental implant patient's actual situation
          Create a tentative verbal dental implant treatment plan to restore the dental implant patient back to good dental health
          Provide the dental implant patient with an idea of the dental implant alternatives available and obtain a verbal estimate/idea of the dental implant cost

          Although a
dental implant consultation can be done without a panoramic x-ray, it is not a good idea. The panoramic x-ray shows the implant dentist the condition of the underlying bone in the patient's mouth. There is a separate fee for the panoramic x-ray that is not included in the dental implant consultation cost. A current panoramic x-ray is absolutely necessary to place dental implants and must be taken at some time in the dental implant process. Why not have it done right from the start?

          Restoring a patient's mouth properly with dental implants is rarely a simple procedure and sometimes involves additional procedures such as bone or gum grafting. Many patients have lost so much jaw bone over the years that special procedures have to be done just to prepare the patient's underlying bone to properly support dental implants.

          The dental implant consultation is used to help the dental implant patient decide if he or she is seriously interested in having dental implants done, not to provide the final dental implant cost. The final dental implant treatment plan is constructed only after complete x-rays, diagnostic casts, and a comprehensive dental implant examination is performed. These procedures are not part of the consult . They are part of a different procedure, the Dental Implant Diagnostic Work Up. In many cases, three dimensional computer images of the patient's jaw are created using a CAT scan in order to plan a dental implant surgery.

          If you are interested in having dental implants placed to help restore your mouth then please consider scheduling a dental implant consultation with Atlanta Implant Dentist, Dr. Mark Allan Padolsky by calling 404-874-7428.

       This offer is limited to new patients only . New patients who schedule and do not keep their scheduled dental implant consultation are not entitled to a second free consultation appointment. The complimentary consultation does not include any other dental services either before or after the dental implant consultation. No specific fee or fees can be quoted to any patient until appropriate and necessary diagnostic and/or treatment is completed. The purpose of the complimentary consultation is to help get an idea of what you want, how it can possibly be achieved and to allow you to see if you are interested in having it done at the Atlanta Dental Group PC.

* Georgia Law requires us to say, " Additional charges may be incurred for related services which may be required in individual cases. "   Expires 12/01/07 home page

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