Dental Implant Dentures

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          When most patients think of dental implant dentures, they usually mean removable full dentures that are specially made to clip onto a custom cast metal bar anchored to several dental implants. Once the denture is snapped in place, it moves very little and can be used to chew much harder foods than normal dentures.

          Dental implant dentures do not come out when you laugh or speak. Denture implants are in your mouth good and you can relax and enjoy what your doing rather than worrying about your plate accidentally slipping out of your mouth. The implants are anchored to the jaw bone, the retention bar is anchored to the implants and the denture is anchored to the bar.

          The first step in dental implant dentures is for the implant dentist to plan the dental implant surgery involved with placement of the dental implants that support the appliance. It is important to careful design the supporting bar and final denture so that everything will work in harmony together. If the bar is incorrectly made, it can interfere with the overlying denture function.

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