Dental Implant Failure/Breakage

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          Things break. There is only so much pressure that metal can take before it snaps and dental implants are made of metal. It is usually the dental implant post that breaks and causes the dental implant failure, not the dental implant. The constant crushing forces of a dental implant patient's bite can cause a tremendous amount of pressure to build up on the dental implant and the dental implant post which can then result in a serious problem.

          It is very important to place a dental implant in the jaw bone so that it can best handle the forces put upon it. This is the first step in preventing a dental implant failure. The dental work on top of the dental implant must also be designed so that the dental work does not bend the dental implant post when the patient chews.

          Some dental implant patients grind their teeth constantly and this grinding applies a great deal of force to the dental implant post. Many dentists make grinding guards for their dental implant patients to help better distribute the grinding forces, especially during the night, and so decrease the factors that lead to dental implant failure.

          When you bend a metal bar with a light force, the bar bends and then returns to its original shape when you let go. This is because the metal is elastic with light forces much like a rubber band. A rubber band can be stretched and it returned to its original force. When more force is applied to the metal bar, the bar bends but does not return to its original shape. With heavy forces metal is not elastic. It is inelastic! When large sudden forces or constant heavy forces are applied to a metal bar, the metal bar can break. In a dental implant, this results in a dental implant failure. This is what happens when a metal dental implant post or a dental implant screw breaks.

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