Guided Tissue Regeneration

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           Soft tissue, such as gum tissue, grows very fast while bone grows very slow. When a surgical hole is created by a dentist, soft tissue grows into the surgical hole very quickly and blocks out bone from growing into the hole. When bone is needed in an area to place dental implants, uncontrolled gum tissue growth is a problem. A membrane barrier can be used to cover the surgical hole and block out the gum tissue from growing into the area. This allows the more slowly growing bone to fill the surgical hole without any competition.

           The membrane barrier guides the gum tissue away from the surgical defect. Gums and bone are both tissues and both are guided by the artful placement of a membrane barrier. Because the bone regenerates in the surgical hole, the technique is called guided tissue regeneration. Some dental implant dentists call it guided bone regeneration because implant dentists are very concerned about the supporting bone around their dental implants.

          Guided tissue regeneration can be used to repair defects around previously placed dental implants or to create additional bone in deficient areas before placing dental implants. The surgical hole can be filled with several different types of materials before covering the area with a protective membrane barrier.

               Donor bone from a deceased person - There are many safe dental implant bone banks in the United States that collect human bone and process it so it will be safe to use for dental implants.

               Bone from the same dental implant patient - Bone can be harvested from the same dental implant patient by scraping the dental implant patient's jaw bone, removing cores of bone from different places, or even getting bone from the dental implant patient's hip.

               Other materials - such as treated bone from animals, synthetic bone, coral and biocompatible polymers.

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