Dental Implant Incision Line Opening

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          An incision is when a dentist makes a cut in the gums using a scalpel. An opening is then made into the underlying bone in order to place a dental implant. The two edges of the cut gums are then sewed together and this is called suturing. An important goal that every dental implant dentist has it to completely close the opening after the dental implant is placed. However, this is not always possible and incision line opening can occur.

          Sometimes the dental implant incision line opens and there are several reasons that this incision line opens. The underlying reason is usually that the area of bone exposed was so large that the amount of gums pulled up off of the jaw bone was too large to keep its blood supply. All human tissues, especially gums, need blood to live and when the blood is cut off, the tissue has problems and can even die ( necrosis ).

          If bone grafting was done and the dental implant dentist put too much bone grafting material in the dental implant surgical site, the gum tissue could have been pulled too tightly when the suturing was done. This tightness cuts off the blood. A dental implant infection in the dental implant surgery site can also decrease the blood supply and result in incision line opening.

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