Dental Implant Infection

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          A dental implant infection is a serious thing and should be treated immediately. Using improper sterile technique when surgically placing a dental implant can lead to significant problems. However, in the United States at least, this is very uncommon. Dental implant manufacturers make great efforts to sterilize and package their dental implants so that there is no bacterial contamination. The mouth contains many potentially harmful bacteria that lurk in the gums tissues and any of these bacteria can possibly invade the area around an implant.

          A dental implant infection can occur when surgically placing a dental implant, but it occurs most commonly with a previously placed implant. When treating a previously placed implant, the dental implant dentist normally prescribes an appropriate antibiotic and then debrides the gum tissue area surrounding the dental implant. The problem may then resolve.

          Sometimes the dental implant dentist will remove the dental work above the dental implant to give the ailing dental implant a vacation. The stresses and strains placed upon a dental implant can aggravate problems. After the dental implant infection is gone, very often, the original dental work can be replaced on top of the dental implant.

          With the dental work replaced and the difficulty handled, the next decision to be made is whether the patient needs surgery to repair any damage. A dental implant infection can cause supporting bone loss or damage the protective gum tissue surrounding a dental implant.

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