Dental Implant Overload

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          Nobody likes to be overworked. Dental implant dentist says that a dental implant is overloaded when the dental implant has too much work to do. It is always best to have one dental implant replace one missing tooth. However, dental implant patients do not always want to pay for the best treatment available and dental implant dentists try hard to please their patients. Yes, a dental implant patient can get by with less than one dental implant per missing tooth, but this is not ideal and leads to overworking the dental implants harder than the original natural teeth! In the long run, the money saved may not be worth it. In matters of health, it is always best to choose the best road, not the cheapest.

          Dental implants can also be overloaded by poorly designing the dental work on top of the dental implants or by poorly placing the dental implants. Both of these problems can often be avoided with excellent dental implant treatment planning before the dental implants are ever placed. Dental implants should ideally be placed so that a dental implant patient's biting forces are directed straight downward onto the dental implant. This can not always be achieved especially when a dental implant patient has lost a great deal of bone.

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