Dental Implant Procedure

           Dr. Padolsky provides both the dental implant procedure to place the dental implant and dental implant restoration procedures. Dental implants can replace one or all of a patient's teeth.The surgical placement of our dental implants is performed by Dr. Padolsky who has been doing implants since 1987. He has financial staff who are happy assist you in reviewing your options for the cost of a dental implant procedure.

          During the surgical dental implant procedure the implant dentist screws the dental implant into a special site prepared in the bone. This is done using local anesthesia and takes about a half hour to an hour per dental implant. Precise holes, called an osteotomies, are prepared in the areas of the mouth where there is adequate bone to support dental implants. Dental implants that exactly match the osteotomies are next screwed all the way into the prepared spaces. The dental implants are next covered with gum tissue so that the dental implants can quietly integrate with the surrounding bone during the dental implant recovery period.

          Patients visit our office to look good and to be able to easily chew their food, not just to have an implant. This is why the dental implant restoration is extremely important. After the surgical dental implant procedure we wait six to twelve months for a patient's bone to grow onto and around their new dental implants. At the end of this period the top of the dentist implants are exposed and a post placed into it. An impression is taken to this post and a crown or bridge is constructed at the dental laboratory. The final dental restoration is then placed in the dental implant patient's mouth the same way that a normal restoration is done.

          Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not cover dental implant placement so we have established contacts with several finance companies so that patients desiring a surgical dental implant procedure can get their needed care. If you are interested in dental implants and would like to schedule a free dental implant consultation with Atlanta Implant Dentist, Dr. Mark Padolsky, call 404-874-7428 for your appointment. home page

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