Dental Implant Removal

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          Dental implant removal is rarely necessary. Dental implant technology has developed to the point where over 98% of implants osseointegrate properly and once they have done this they can last for decades without any problems. In many cases they can last an entire lifetime. Dental implants can last so much longer than fixed bridges because the implant works just like a regular tooth and distributes the forces into the bone rather than to the adjacent teeth as with a bridge. Because implants bond with bone they also prevent bone loss.

          Since implants are so expensive many people worry a great deal about potentially needing dental implant removal, but since it is rarely necessary, there is no need to worry. Our implant dentist, Dr. Mark Padolsky, has been working with implants since 1981 and has only had to remove implants that have properly integrated with the bone twice. Generally if an implant does not integrate properly it will happen early on, before the restoration is placed. For those people who do have successful implants it is important to continue seeing your dentist regularly so that if any problems do occur they can be caught early.

          When dental implant removal is necessary it is generally because many patients simply do not use correct oral hygiene. A dental implant must be cared for like any other tooth to keep your mouth healthy. Lack or oral hygiene can lead to an infection that will affect the bone around the implant and make implant removal necessary. Making regular visits to a dentist for check ups is important at all stages of your life. If you have had a lot of dental work done, it's important for your dentist to regularly check it.

        The best thing to do if you are interested in learning more about dental implant removal feel free to schedule a dental implant consultation with our implant dentist. This helps estimate your particular situation and what is needed to help you restore your teeth and smile. After a personal treatment plan is made, you can then plan the dental implant financing of your reconstruction since you know what the dental implant cost will be. If you are interested in dental implants and would like to schedule a free dental implant consultation with Atlanta Implant Dentist, Dr. Mark Padolsky, call 404-874-7428 for your appointment. home page

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