Dental Implants for Dentures

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        Dental implants for dentures can be a great advantage for denture wearers. Dentures are made to replace all of the teeth in an arch and while this serves an important and vital function, there are problems. Dentures don't always fit well and even well made ones end up fitting poorly over time as jaw bone loss occurs. A dental implant can solve a number of dentures problems and makes dental implant supported dentures a great alternative to traditional dentures.

       Your health is important and the use of dental implants for dentures can make a big impact. When tooth loss occurs bone loss follows. This can be a real problem, especially in the jaw where bone loss can weaken the jaw. Bone loss in the mouth can have a visible impact on the aging process, making a person look significantly older. If a large number of teeth are missing bone loss will occur faster, over more area and have a bigger impact. One of the great advantages to dental implants is how they bond with the bone and help prevent bone loss. This is great for your health as well as how you look, since you don't want to look older than your actual age.

       Dental implants for dentures also solve one of the big denture problems, the fit. There are many types of dentures that have been designed to hold more securely while being comfortable at the same time. Loose dentures are a problem that has plagued denture wearers for decades. With the use of dental implants, dentures can be held more securely than ever before because the implants do not move at all. This also means that they are more comfortable because you do not have to worry about how tight the dentures clamp onto the gums and you don't have to use a messy dentures adhesive.

        The best thing to do if you are interested in dental implants for dentures is to have a dental implant consultation. This helps estimate your particular situation and what is needed to help you restore your teeth and smile. After a personal treatment plan is made, you can then plan the dental implant financing of your reconstruction since you know what the dental implant cost will be. If you are interested in dental implants and would like to schedule a free dental implant consultation with Atlanta Implant Dentist, Dr. Mark Padolsky, call 404-874-7428 for your appointment. home page

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