Dental Implants versus Natural Teeth

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          Many dental implant patients, and even some dental implant dentists, believe that dental implants are better than natural teeth. However, this is a myth. In most cases, a healthy tooth is much better than a dental implant.

          An important goal of implant dentistry is to recreate the beauty and function of natural teeth. It can never be forgotten that there is some risk with dental implants. Some dental implants do fail and some dental implants do not integrate with a patient's tissues. Real teeth are always integrated with a patient's tissues because real teeth are the patient.

          Diseased teeth do have problems and can lead to extensive bone loss. They are often loose and are often difficult to clean. When a tooth becomes an obstacle in achieving a really nice final cosmetic or functional dental implant case result, of course, the removal of that tooth should be considered.

          Modern Dentistry has much to offer. Much of what modern Dentistry offers patients today would have been considered miracles years ago. There are many new modern dental procedures that can be used to help keep natural teeth healthy. The same bone and gum grafts that a dental implant dentist performs with dental implants can be done around natural teeth.

          So the first question that a dental implant dentist asks is, " What is the condition of the patient's natural teeth ? " and " What can be done to improve and maintain the health of this dental implant patient's natural teeth? ". Only after these questions are answered can a really good dental implant treatment plan for this dental implant patient begin. home page

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