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          Dental implant info is important to have before you decide on getting dental implants. Many patients understand the basics of how an implant works but little more. Having good information on dental implants allows patients to make a more informed decision. Everybody is unique and so is every case. Because dental implant cases can be so different the average cost of dental implants is less an specific number and more of a range. The cost can quickly rise if your oral health is not great because it is often necessary for other work to be done before the implant can be placed.

         Patients considering getting implants need dental implant info to understand the process. A dental implant is a small device made of titanium that is surgically implanted into the bone where a tooth is missing. The implant creates a secure bond with the bone and this allows the implant to be used as the foundation for a dental restoration. The implant basically acts like the roots of a tooth. Because a dental implant works just like a real tooth it is the best option for replacing a tooth because it does not affect any other teeth. Another major advantage is that the implant helps prevent bone loss that can occur over time when tooth is missing.

         The most searched for bit of dental implant info is the dental implant cost. Dental implants are rarely covered by insurance companies and since implants are expensive many people worry about the cost. Mini implants are cheaper than regular implants because they are easier to place and this makes them ideal for supporting dentures. Not only do the implant help prevent a large amount of bone loss that comes with the loss of so many teeth but the dentures are much more secure than traditional dentures. Not everyone is a candidate for dental implants and many people who are need other procedures like a bone graft before they can be candidates.

        The best thing to do if you are interested in getting more implant info feel free to schedule a dental implant consultation with our implant dentist. This helps estimate your particular situation and what is needed to help you restore your teeth and smile. After a personal treatment plan is made, we have a dedicated staff member to help you with dental implant financing since you know what the dental implant cost will be. If you are interested in dental implants and would like to schedule a free dental implant consultation with Atlanta Implant Dentist, Dr. Mark Padolsky, call 404-874-7428 for your appointment. home page

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