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          The art and science of dental implants has advanced tremendously in the past two decades. Patients who previously had to be condemned to wearing loose fitting dentures now can often have their missing teeth replaced with implants. Healthy teeth do not always have to be cut down to install dental bridges because a missing tooth can now be replaced with dental implants! There are many reasons why a patient should choose this option.

          In the past, many patients were refused this procedure because of a lack of adequate bone. Today, bone grafting methods have been developed to add bone to a patient's jaw to make placing dental implants possible.

          There is no need to suffer with ill fitting dentures that make it difficult to chew your food and make it difficult to comfortably smile. There is no need to cut down healthy teeth to hold a dental bridge. Dental implants may be able to help you. Find out if they are for you by taking the first step and scheduling a free dental implant consultation with Atlanta Implant Dentist, Dr. Mark A. Padolsky. Call  404-874-7428 to take your first step towards a better life. Dr. Padolsky has organized lots of great information in this Atlanta dental implants website. You can learn more by clicking on any of the subjects below.

Bone loss after tooth extractions
A description of dental implants
Dental implant procedure

Single tooth dental implants
Using dental implants to hold a lower denture in place with two ball shaped supports

Using two dental implants to hold a lower denture in place with an implant supported bar
An upper denture with hidden clips attached to bar supported by five dental implants
A fixed upper permanent bridge above seven dental implants
A summary of the dental implant alternatives for the toothless lower jaw
Posterior fixed bridge options using dental implants

Dental implant complications
Dental implant cost
Dental implant dentures

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