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          Most dentists can make a good upper denture. However, lower dentures get loose and flop all over the place, especially when you don't want them to move. Two dental implants can be used to anchor a lower denture to prevent this disturbing movement. In this dental implant picture there are two lower dental implants with special metal balls inserted on the tops of the dental implants. The lower denture grips these two metal balls and the balls help prevent movement. Because they help retain the lower denture, the balls are called dental implant Ball Retainers.

          Although the use of two metal balls works, using more dental implants with a retaining bar attached to three or four denture implants is a much better way to secure a lower denture. In general, the more dental implants used to support a denture, the better and more secure the retention.

          The dental implant costs related to this lower denture replacement option are less that having all your teeth replaced with implants and crowns. However, it is much preferred to have several implants and a bar when possible.

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