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          As we age, we lose facial structure. Our faces shorten and this is one reason for the harsh lines in the faces of older people. Part of the reason for facial shortening is the loss of bone, especially when teeth are lost. Much of the jaw bone exists to support your teeth and when you lose teeth, the jaw bone slowly melts away. However, in an argument between dental implants vs natural teeth, healthy natural teeth are always the best choice.

           Human bone needs stimulation. If you don't use it, you lose it. Ask anyone who has had a cast on for several months what happens after breaking a bone. When a tooth is removed the underlying bone no longer has to support the pressure from chewing. This chewing pressure provided a healthy stimulation which is now lost. A dental implant can provide the jaw bone with this needed stimulation and help maintain the bone you have.

           A dental implant functions much like a real tooth. Each tooth in the mouth has a specific duty and losing just one tooth can seriously screw up your bite and chewing ability. Replacing a missing tooth immediately after its removal helps keep the dental arch form in place and better assists you in chewing.

          When teeth are lost, the bone supporting these teeth melts away. This causes a shortening of the height of the face over time. Some of this shortening happens normally as a person grows older, however, it can be dramatic and rapid with tooth loss. Dental implants provide the stimulation that bone needs to remain intact.

Dental implants can help keep your looking young

or help restore your face more closely to what you used to look like

           We look good when we are young because everything is in the right place. The teeth and bone help keep the parts of our face in place. As you loose teeth and bone, the face changes because of the shifting under the skin. Dental implants can help slow down this process and perhaps, even replace missing structures.

           When you can smile and laugh without hesitation and when you can eat anything you want, this can be a boost in your moral and sense of well being. Dental implants can help maintain your facial form and improve your looks as you age. This can also help improve your self image.

help you speak better

           Many older patients have removable partial and full dentures. This dental appliances are bulky and often difficult to wear. They also come loose and can cause embarrassment or difficulty speaking. Dental implant are much more like real teeth than these dental appliances.

help maintain the tone and size of the muscles in your face

           When you stop exercising a muscle, that muscle gets smaller. There are lots of muscles underneath the skin of your face.

last much longer then many other dental restorations

           About 90% of dental implants are successful and most of these last for twenty years or more. Traditional dental bridges last five to ten years and have to be replaced again. That can be costly over thirty or forty years of use. One of the reasons for this normal replacement is due to dental decay. Fortunately, dental implants do not decay because they are made out of metal, not tooth material.

help prevent teeth from shifting out of place and screwing up your bite

           Every tooth holds its place in the dental arch and when a tooth is removed, the other teeth begin floating around. This can result in biting problems and lead to the loosening of teeth. This shifting leads to unusual stresses and periodontal disease. The result is more tooth loss. Dental implants hold the spaces in areas of missing teeth.

help improve or maintain a beautiful smile

           Dental implants can replace missing teeth and maintain the bone needed to support full and beautiful lips. Preventing the bone in the front of the mouth from melting away is probably the most essential function.

help improve a patients sense of what is happening in their mouths

           Teeth provide a way to feel things in your mouth. When you bite on a tooth, you know about it. When a tooth is removed, it's like cutting a finger off. A missing finger does not feel and a missing tooth, likewise, does not feel. Dental implants are not teeth but they do place pressure on the jaw bone and can provide additional sensations to a patient who previously felt nothing.

           Dental implants push on the bone in a manner similar to natural teeth. They are not real teeth, but they probably come the closest to natural teeth compared to all other types of dental restorations.

work better than removable dentures

           Once the benefits of dental implants are fully understood, most patients replacing missing teeth choose them as their treatment of choice. The initial investment needed to place and restore implants is greater than traditional dental care, but in most cases, they are cheaper in the long run. This makes dental implants worth their investment.

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